Data structure and algorithms
Principles of Programming Language
Information and Coding theory
Computer Performance Analysis
software engineering
operating system
artificial intelligence
Scientific computing
Programming Languages and Compilers
Computer Network and Data Communication
Digital Signal and Image Processing
multimedia technology
computer network
Computer security and encryption
Computer Graphics and Visualization
Computer engineering and Application
genetic algorithm
fuzzy control 
decision support system
Application of Machine Learning in Control Applications
Knowledge-based system application
Blended learning system
distributed control system 
Evolutionary computation and Control
optimization algorithm 
Soft computing
Software Proxy for Intelligent Control Systems
Control System Based on Neural Networks
Planning and scheduling
Intelligent fault detection and diagnosis
engineering application 
CNC programming technology
Mechanical and Electrical Integration System Engineering
Intelligent instruments and detection technology
Automation of Mechanical Manufacturing
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  • Conference Date: 2024.6.17
  • Notification Date: About a week after the submission
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